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Le Saint G's Bar in Nantes

Located at number 2 Place de La Bourse, Le Saint G’s is a local bar where people like to meet for a drink. In a cosy, trendy, art deco setting, styles mix and blend for a relaxed ambiance. On weekends, Le Saint G’s welcomes DJs: Come and enjoy a festive night out!

A bar with
a southern ambiance

For the moment, enjoy the friendly spirit of these Western and Southern French cities, in a “pub bar” atmosphere. You can start with a drink and then enjoy tasty tapas.

Furthermore, quality is the key word for all our products which are often local.

Le Saint G's offers
exceptional wines

Here the accent is on wine. You will find Grands Crus or exceptional red wines. Thanks to a special machine, the customer is king, since you can help yourself with the use of a bank card.

A great place for amateurs to discover beautiful wines and boost their knowledge.

A family story

Le Saint G’s is the story of a sister and a brother who used to wander through cities in Southern France. Jennifer and Johan were born in Marseille and also lived in Toulouse for 10 years. Fifteen years ago, the two shopkeepers fell under the spell of the city of Nantes, with the ambition to open a bar that would reflect their family roots.

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